Editor Sort on Status does not work properly

Hello, our journal is hosted by the U of A Libraries, they have OJS (OJS 3 coming soon, I am told, but probably at least 1 issue away, if not 2)

When I sort on Status under Editor > Submissions > Archives, there is no error message, but the entries are not sorted properly, i.e., some of it appears to be consistent, but only in chunks. Here are the first few entries on the first page (reverse sort), as an example (status being the last column, i.e., published volume data):

22356 2014-07-13 ART Laplante, Fostik DISENTANGLING THE QUEBEC FERTILITY PARADOX: THE RECENT… Vol 42, No 1-2 (2015): Spring/Summer

21636 2014-03-19 ART Heintz-Martin, Le Bourdais, Hamplová CHILDBEARING AMONG CANADIAN STEPFAMILIES Vol 41, No 1-2 (2014): Spring/Summer

16013 2012-01-19 ART Xu, Gauthier, Strohschein WHY ARE SOME CHILDREN LEFT OUT? FACTORS BARRING CANADIAN… Vol:36 No.3-4 (2009)


15873 2012-01-19 ART Laplante, Hébert AN INTRODUCTION TO THE USE OF LINEAR MODELS WITH… Vol:28 No.2 (2001)

Now I know they have been entered inconsistently, but even within that, the sort does not seem to be working.

I need to generate a list of reviewers for each volume (2 issues in a calendar year), but the “Articles” stats do not include reviewers or published volume info, and the “Reviews” stats do not include published volume info, either. So I want to be able to produce a list of (article submission numbers + reviewers) associated with a particular published volume – ideally with reviewer affiliation too :slight_smile:

Any help with that would be much appreciated.
CSP Journal Manager

Hi @cspeditr,

Have you clicked on the Title heading to sort by title, or are you viewing that page with its default sorting?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

No, I have not clicked on Title. I am trying to sort by Status (published
volume/issue number).
For what it’s worth, the sorting on Status works fine when only Book
Reviews are selected (they started being recorded somewhat later), but does
not work when Articles or All Sections are selected. Also, when sorting on
Title, the first item is out of order.

Hi @cspeditr,

We’re currently working on a rewrite of the submission lists in OJS 3.x, and I suspect we’ll focus our efforts on that for now, rather than improving the OJS 2.x functionality. If you’re planning on upgrading sometime soon as well, I’d suggest working around this until the upgrade.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team