Editor can't accept article

I installed OJS on some shared hosting using Softaculous and have been testing it out.

I have managed to get most things working although I have had to install plugins directly using cPanel.

However, when testing out the article workflow, I can’t accept a test article and my server logs show that $$$call$$$/modals/editor-decision/editor-decision/save-promote-in-review is giving an error “A workflow stage was not specified.”

Does anyone know why I might be getting this error? I can reject the paper or request revisions, but for some reason I can’t accept it.

Some more details about my system:
OS Platform: Linux
PHP version: 7.0.32
Apache version: LiteSpeed
Database driver: mysqli
Database server version: 5.6.41-cll-lve

Thanks for your help

Hi @shaun,

Hmm, that is an unusual error. Is the Accept button visible or not?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Amanda

It was visible and could be clicked on and then I’d get the pop up with the email part. But confirming that would cause everything to hang and not send it out.

I read elsewhere on these forums that shared hosting can sometimes have firewall rules that prevent the javascript calls from executing properly. I think that maybe I was running into an issue like this - it would explain why I had to manually install plugins and configure ORCID.

So I ended up cancelling my shared hosting plan and going with a VPS. Learning to work the server from the command line is not quite as easy as through a GUI, but there are lots of guides online and working OJS itself is much easier this way.

Hi @shaun,

I’m glad you figured out a solution. Thanks for posting about it.

PKP Publishing Services offers OJS hosting as well, if you ever want to explore other options.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team