Editing past issues

I am using version OJS and would like to edit a title of one of the articles already published.

I have gone to archives and clicked on the article but there is no link to Metadata, where I want to make the changes.

Hello @nimulola,

This can be done in the “Publication” tab for the particular submission - you may have to unpublish the article briefly prior to making the change. Go to the issue that you’d wish to edit the article title, select the article, and then the “Publication” tab. This is outlined further in our documentation here: Authoring

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi Roger,
Thanks for the advise. However, when I click ‘unpublish’ I get the message ‘You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow’ which is strange because I was the one who published it earlier on.

Hi @nimulola,

Yes, sounds like you don’t have the appropriate permissions to be able to make the changes. You will need to have the Editor role and have the Editor role configured to allow you access to the relevant stage Editorial workflow (Production). This is outlined in our documentation: Users and Roles

It’s also possible that you may have to get someone with journal manager permissions to enable this role for you (in case that’s not you).

PKP Team

Issue solved, thanks

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