Editing Metadata - Omit Author Names

Dear Sir,

When the editor is trying to edit metadata of a submission a “Display” portion with the following is showing at the end of the page
Display ---->Table of Contents Omit author names from issue table of contents: Default/ Omit / Show.
Kindly let us know the purpose of this.

Shijith Kumar, C

In OJS, this allows you to control, article by article, whether names of the author(s) appear with the article in the table of contents of the issue.

“Default” uses the settings defined in the Journal Sections. (User Home → Journal Manager → Journal Sections → Edit)

“Show” will display the author(s).

“Omit” will hide the author(s).


If I notify the users regarding the publication of new issue and mark the box “Include the table of contents from this issue”, the mail is sent with the author’s name. There is some way to send the mail without the author’s name in the table of contents?

@rauf, I saw your earlier post, and while I haven’t had opportunity to look into it yet, I strongly suspect that this is a bug in the product. I would expect this setting to behave in the way you describe.