Edited Volume in OMP - Workflow?

First of all thank you for putting efforts in developing this great software!

Could you please answer my few questions regarding a proper workflow in OMP for an Edited Volume?

  1. When the Edited Volume submission is created, it is not possible to assign “chapter author” to this submission before the review. Why is this so? Normally a proper workflow for an Edited Volume would be to assign chapter authors and let them submit the chapters before the Edited Volume is sent to the review (either internal or external). Otherwise the Edited Volume is empty, so how can it be reviewed? Having the “chapter author” role when users with this role cannot be added to the Edited Volume to submit their chapters makes one wonder what is the proper designed workflow for the Edited Volume.

  2. If the above is the current (beta?) stage of the OMP and the “chapter author” role is unavailable before sending the Edited Volume submission to the review, I can assume (from reading other comments here back from 2016 and somewhat more recent from Feb 2020) that the editor creating the submission should act on behalf of the chapter authors and add their chapters to the submission by herself (altough this requires manual communication with the authors and gathering submissions by email). Is it a proper workflow for an Edited Volume in the current version of the software?

  3. Assuming the editor originally starting an Edited Volume submission added all the chapters and moved the submission through the review process (e.g. skipping the review and accepting the submission into the copyediting) what is the proper workflow involving “chapter author” roles? Should the chapter authors be assigned now to the submission? Is it possible to limit access of a chapter author to his/her chapter only (so that he/she cannot view or download all other chapters)? Also how can the volume editor set a limitation for the chapter author to be only able to copyedit his/her own chapter (alternatively is it possible to assign the chapter author to his/her chapter only to post edited version)? Summarizing how should one proceed with the chapter author role?

  4. When chapter authors are assigned and copyediting is done, in the Publication tab there is a section Contributors. When you enter this section there is only listed the main editor who posted the submission of the Edited Volume. The assigned chapter authors are not present there. Is it possible to have them display in the List of Contributors? The link “Add Contributor” when pressed allows to add chapter authors as new entities without any connection to the previously assigned chapter authors in the submission (who have first registered in the system). The same goes for the section Chapters which also does not include the chapters as defined in the submission. Is it correct or am I missing something on how to connect the workflow with adding chapter authors and the chapters with this basic information in the Publication tab?

  5. Is there a way to add an ISBN number (e.g. as a meta data) to the book published in the catalog? I can’t find a relevant field.

If you could please indicate the best practice workflow for the Edited Volume (which involves the chapter authors). OMP documentation seems not to cover the workflow on Edited Volumes.

Thank you for the advice!

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Regarding the question on adding ISBN (e.g. an online ISBN), also is there a way to add DOI (e.g. as a meta field)?

Hi @Hanna_u,

Only about the DOIs: yes, they can be assigned, see: Modeliranje pokrajine | ZRC SAZU, Založba ZRC

That is available in the Catalog entry - Identifiers.

Regards, Primož

Hi Primoz,
Thanks for the answer. I missed the fact that the DOI plugin is not enabled by default.
Best regards

Would still much appreciate answer to the questions on Edited Volumes if anyone has some knowledge in that regard. Many thanks.