"Edit" link next to "Copyright Notice" on Submission page incorrect (OJS

When you are logged in as journal manager or editor and you go to the page “About → Submission” in the frontend you can see “Edit” links next to the headlines. That’s great because these links will usually bring you directly to the corresponding page in the backend where you can edit this text. However, the “Edit” link next to the “Copyright Notice” will bring you to the wrong page. It brings you to Settings → Distribution, where you can enter the “License Terms”. This text is not shown on the “Submissions” page, but on the article frontdoor. The “Copyright notice” text is shown must be edited at Settings → Workflow → Author Guidelines → Copyright Notice.

Can you correct this?


Hi @bibliothekswelt,

Thanks for reporting! It looks like this is fixed in v3.3, which was just released yesterday. However, it can change depending on the theme that you are using. What theme are you using?

Thanks @NateWr - we are using the “standard” theme