Easy way to communicate to all journal managers on a multi-journal instalation

Me, as a Site Administrator of a multi-journal site, would like to have an easy way to communicate with journal managers at once.

Often times we need to send communications regarding site updates, maintenance, webinars etc and currently there isn’t an easy way to reach out to all these users from all journals.

We currently maintain a spreadsheet with e-mail addresses that we fetched individually journal by journal. However this isn’t very practical considering that these may change over time so we need to re-fetch everything from scratch every time we need to send another communication.

We can send the communication ourselves, OJS doesn’t have to do that, but perhaps offering an easy way to extract all e-mails from active journals, excluding test journals (very important).

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Hi @alexxxmendonca,
I do like this:


select distinct email from users where user_id in
(select distinct user_id from roles where role_id = 16);

–more completed:

select distinct u.email, j.path 
from users u
inner join roles r
		on r.user_id = u.user_id       
inner join journals j
		on j.journal_id = r.journal_id
where r.role_id = 16
order by j.path;

I hope this help you.

Hello @Adriano_Jose
Thank you! This is helpful, but it requires access to the database.
It would be more helpful to be able to do that via the user interface.

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Hello @Adriano_Jose,

In case I want to filter only for active journals, what would be the command line for that?

Thank you,