Easy to Use Instructions on Upgrading

Are there any easy instructions to upgrade from 3.* to the latest version? Everything I’ve seen are read me files or a video by a vlogger that is just too technical. Not everybody can afford or have the means to employ techie people. I had kind of hoped this would be as easy as WordPress but been trying to figure this out for a year now.
Thanks very much.

Hi @stevendrowe,

Our official documentation can be found here: Installing and Upgrading

I will note that the work of installing, maintaining, and upgrading PKP applications do still require some technical skills, such as being able to manage servers and databases. Some folks get around this by having other, but I realize that is easier said than done if one doesn’t have the resources at their disposal, as you point out. OJS (and other PKP applications) are open source and free in the sense that they are provided without cost, and the underlying code is made freely available, but most who successfully host their own OJS instances either have the skill sets themselves (or resources within their organizations) or pay someone else (like a hosting service, such as PKP Publishing Services to install and maintain it for them. This is often the case with may open source applications. There are plans in the future to make OJS and other PKP applications’ upgrade process more straightforward, but as a small team with many competing priorities, it is not feasible at this point in time to have simple upgrade processes such as those used by widely used applications like WordPress.

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PKP Team


I have some skills but your upgrading instructions, sorry to say, aren’t very good. I notice some users are creating their own upgrade instructions online, such as on YouTube, but the information between them conflicts with each other and the limited ones you have put together. I’ve rolled out a lot of Open Source programs before but your one is too challenging to deal with. Seems like it’s too early in its development process (from both a technical, theme, html/css and documentation perspective) to widen its use for those without an IT department, so best to use a professional publishing company.


Hello @stevendrowe,

Thank you for your feedback. I should note that the upgrading instructions are purposely generic since users may be running our software in a variety of different server environments. If you have any specific feedback you’d like to provide, relating to how the documentation could be improved, we’d welcome your suggestions. Our main mechanisms for documentation specific feedback are here: https://pkp.sfu.ca/documentation-feedback/, as well as our documentation hub github repository: Issues · pkp/pkp-docs · GitHub

Best regards,

PKP Team

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