Each revision file uploaded sends an email to inform - it should be only one email sent!




I have an OJS3.1.1.4 website and when an author uploads 5 files for revision (manuscript, answer to reviewers, fig 1 modified, fig 2 modified, fig 3 modified), the system sends 5 emails about it!

I think this should be rethought, and before sending the email to check if previous emails were sent for the revisions.

Or even better to have a button called Revision Finished to perform the sending of email.

Psychologically for the authors they don’t have the feeling their submission ended, when they do a revision. There is no ending sign … Thus a button might be warranted.

Or maybe in the interface it should be written, “after uploading the revision files please open a discussion to inform the Editorial Office that you finished the revision process”, and no email to be sent when uploading separate files. And only then a notification will be sent to the editors.

Best regards

P.S. I really love the OJS 3 version!!! Fantastic work!!!