E-mails that I send to users aren't received

Hello. I have an issue with e-mails that I send to users in OJS 3.0.1. I don’t receive a message that the e-mail has been sent, and in fact they aren’t received at the e-mail address that they are sent to. Users who register also don’t receive the registration e-mail. All other notification e-mails are sent and received normally. Could you please provide me with a detailed answer as to what I need to check and how to check them? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mohamed_Agoor,

See e.g. Some types of emails not being delivered in ojs 3.0.2
for some general suggestions.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @Mohamed_Agoor,

Please let me know what kind of hosting environment you are using? (Windows / linux).
And what settings you are using for sending mails? (php mailer or smtp).

Kind Regards,

Farhan Abbas
Software Engineer,
King Edward Medical University

Hello @Farhan_Abbas

I have Linux hosting, and I’m using an account on GoDaddy’s Workspace Webmail to send e-mails. Thank you very much for your concern. Do you have any suggestions for this problem? I contacted GoDaddy’s support team, but they said everything was fine. What’s really strange though is that one of the e-mails that I sent to one of the users manually was delivered; it came through pretty late, but none of the other e-mails that I sent were received. The automatic notifications get delivered fine though.

Hello @Farhan_Abbas,

I also forgot to mention that I asked GoDaddy’s support team for my server error logs, particularly for those pertaining to my e-mail, and they said that they don’t provide them. I don’t have any filters set on my e-mails either, and I tried sending a few e-mails to myself.

hi @mohamed_agoor,

Thanks for the information, can you specify what kind of emails are being sent and what are not?
Are you using hosting and mail (both) with godaddy?
Have you tried to reset email templates?
Can you try to use SMTP to send mails?
How is your config.inc.php is configured to send mails?

Kind Regards,

Hi @Farhan_Abbas,

Only the e-mails that I send in the users section are not delivered, and I do not receive a message notifying me that they have been sent. Yes, both my hosting and e-mail account are at GoDaddy. I have not tried to reset my e-mail templates. I think GoDaddy’s Webmail may be using SMTP, but I will have to check up on that. I am not sure how my config.inc.php is configured, honestly. Thank you very much for your concern Mr. Abbas.

Kind regards,
Mohamed Agoor