E-locators in ojs 3


There is some way to add e-locator in the citations of the articles instead of the numbering for the articles published in OJS. example, BMJ 2008; 337: a145


This might be what you are looking for:

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Thanks @fgnievinski!

I appreciate your taking the time to answer!

After reading all the links it is not clear to me if using the section for page numbers to enter e-locator is safe.

Do you know if this way of introducing e-locator can cause confusion in the metadata when they are collected for Crossref?

Thank you again

Currently entering article numbers in the page numbers field is the safest approach, IMO.

That’s while OJS doesn’t offer a dedicated metadata field for article number, including modifying the Crossref plugin to deposit it in its proper place.

In any case, the main trouble with article numbers nowadays is that many citation styles still don’t handle it well. APA style, for example, says to ignore article numbers – I hope they’ll change their recommendation in the near future:

Even BiBTeX has some troubles:


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