Duplicated copyright on sidebar

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to understand why I get a duplicated copyright notice on the sidebar.

Hi @mraleiras

This is actually a problem with the locale key in lib/pkp/your_LOCALE/submission.xml. It’s a bug that I’m noticing in a few locales now. If you edit that file, find the locale of the CC By NC key, and edit it, that will solve the issue. Look for keys beginning with “submission.license.cc”.


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Thank you for your reply, I would need access to the web server to do that, right?

Yes, or the custom locale plugin, which will let you edit the locale files in in the journal admin interface.

Hi @jnugent,

Just checking: do you mean ‘Custom locale’ plugin or ‘Translator’ plugin? As far as I know the custom locale plugin is not supported on the OJS3. Actually I would be very happy if get it supported.

Best regards, Primož

I guess I mean the translator plugin, but I’ve not really used either of them that much. For me, it’s just faster to edit the locale files directly. Cheers,