Duplicate without user-selected canonical OJS


I have updated the journal link from https://www.journal.com/journaltitle to https://journal.com/journal title

Google Search console is showing Duplicate without user-selected canonical OJS

How to overcome this issue?

Thank You


Sorry to resurrect an old post, but I got same concern (but with the domain termination: .es / .edu / .cat).

I’m thinking of adding a canonical header in our template but I can’t find the right variables to use.

  • currentUrl: is what it promises. If you visit a non canonical url, it what it will show.
  • baseUrl: is the domain name with the protocol… of the visited page.

To be clear, what I need is the base_url of the journal (as assigned in config.inc.php with the base_url[journal] variable) + the extra pathname.
(in javascript would be window.location.host)

Is it something to be assigned in loadTemplateData or it’s included somehow in the default theme?

BTW, do you feel assigning canonical urls it’s something that would help in OJS seo?
If you agree… may be it’s something to do by default in default theme?

Thanks for your help,