Duplicate article files

Hello Dear Ojs team (@bozana, @israel.cefrin, @asmecher )
I successfully migrated from version 2.3.5 to version 3.1.4 and I do not see any errors in this process!
But the problem that occurs is, all of the article supplementary files as article galley stored in the new system (ojs 3.1.4).
Please refer to the screenshots for a more information and details.
i run a query on article_galley tables in database Ojs 2.3.5

other files of article 64316 in tables of article_supplementary_files in Ojs 2.3.5

and after convert the system and database:

Here are two questions:
1: Why there are two row instead of one fileId in this table?
2: Why the article supplementary files are stored in the submission_galley Table after convert?

please help me!
Thanks of all

Hi @mbabaei,

Is this describing your problem: Issue with supplementary files after upgrading to OJS

Regards, Primož

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Hi @mbabaei

As @primozs pointed: the concept in OJS 3 changed, so that OJS 2 supp files are migrated as galleys in OJS 3. Also the new supp files will have to be uploaded as galleys in OJS 3, using the proper document category. (If one does not want to migrate supp files as galley, one have to use a patch that would migrate the supp files from OJS 2 into the submission files grid in OJS 3).
But why your supp files are doubled I do not know :frowning:


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