Dual language journal (Italian-english)

Hello everyone,
we are in the process of starting a new journal which I would like to offer in two languages. Does anyone have experience to share regarding the best configuration option? Does adding a second language affect other titles available only in English?
I will appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi @lsteele,

There is some info in the documentation: Website Settings

Also I’m helping my university to run multilingual OJS journal and we do not use any additional configurations. All of our content duplicates in 2 languages, although there can be untranslated messages, depending on the completeness of the translation.

It can affect interface, submission metadata and/or all other forms, depending on your choice. As far as I know, additional languages can be added per journal basis. The only thing that was missing is a translation of authors’ names but this feature was added in the most recent release.

Hi, Vitali,

I will investigate: will you possibly be at PKP in Barcelona in November? It may be a good opportunity to meet (and maybe you can guide me in this complex task…)