Driver and OpenAires Plugin (using it in OJS

Hello Everybody.

I have a question about the plugins driver and openaire.

My configuration is:


/ ** @var $ maxIdentifiers int maximum identifiers returned per request * /
var $ maxIdentifiers = 5;

/ ** @var $ maxRecords int maximum records returned per request * /
var $ maxRecords;
; OAI Settings;


; Enable OAI front-end to the site
oai = On

; OAI Repository identifier
repository_id = “

; Maximum number of records per request to serve via OAI
oai_max_records = 2

My problem is I have 1500 Records. So with this configuration the result would have to have several “slides” (
resumptionToken) for more results. But when I run for example:
http: //X.X.X.X/ojs248/index.php/CE/oai? verb = ListRecords & metadataPrefix = oai_dc & set = driver

returns only two and does not give me the chance to move to the next page.


But in another case, when I run a set (example set-> CE, which are the initials of the magazine and is automatically added by the system) if it gives me the possibility of passing the following:


The questions:

Do you have the same with the Driver or OpenAire plugin with several records?

This is normal or really if a collector consults (Harvesting) the oai of the ojs with set driver/OpenAire will return only a part of the records (does not place option resumptionToken)?

If it is not normal, should I add some extra function in the plugins for the resumptionToken?


I detail a little more my problem

The problem is have many records to collect and returns everything in a single query, it takes a long time to do the collection (Harvesting).
When they want to collect the records (how long it takes to return an answer) the Harvesting results in: Connection refused or Read timed out. Do not really answer why are consulting the database.

I want to divide the query, so that I return for example 100 records at a time with offset 100. This for the other set the system does well, it applies according to the parameter that is placed in the configuration file But for the set driver or openAIRE (using driver plugin o openaire plugin) it does not. If I put 100, cut in the first 100 records and do not add the token to see the next 100 …

It would be very helpful for me to indicate the basic guidelines that I should add for the tokens at the end of each offset