Downloadable Reviewed Form

Dear all,
Using OJS 3+, I could not find the download option for Reviewed Form.
Can we get any plugin or any other option for that purpose?


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Hi @Samiullah_Sarwar,

Can you explain further what you mean by “Reviewed Form”? What is it that you are expecting/hoping to see?

PKP Team

Dear Roger,
Thanks for your reply.

The attached screenshot is of a customized Review Form (to be filled out by the assigned reviewers).
While trying to download this form only one page is downloaded whereas the form is 5 pages long.
Is there any possibility, we can download the filled form as a clean and complete PDF file?

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Yes, this is a big problem.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to download or print the form filled in by the reviewers.
If anyone has a solution to this and share it, we’d appreciate it.

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I have the same problem. I found a temporary solution to this problem. Right click to the reviewer form. Click Print. Click save as PDF for the first page. Then do the same thing for the second page. Then do the same thing for the third page. Combine all PDF files using a PDF merge software.

Thanks for your response. However, the way you suggested is too hectic. Just think of downloading 50+ Review Reports where each report consists of 5 pages.
Is there any plugin to download the Review Report? Or any other way that consumes less time and effort.

Is there anyone who can develop a plugin for such purpose and/or the next version of OJS could be developed in such way?

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