Download URL in PDF viewer is different than citation_pdf_url

When viewing an article galley in PDF JS viewer, the URL of download button has an extra “/number” that is not included in the citation_pdf_url. Both URL’s are working. What is this extra number?

We have been told by CLOCKSS that this is an issue that we may want to change (how?) although its “not a big deal”.

For example:
citation_pdf_url: https://example/index.php/journal/article/download/237/342
download url in pdf viewer is: https://example/index.php/journal/article/download/237/342/1799

Hi @Mohammad_Jaafar_Ali,

Can you please indicate what specific version of OJS you are using (e.g. 3.2.1) - please include this information in your posts, as it assists with troubleshooting.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

Thank you for your reply. I have this issue in multiple OJS instances, some are OJS while others are However, it does not happen in OJS

I think that the extra number is related to galley versioning? but I’m not sure about what citation_pdf_url should be in this case.

Hi @Mohammad_Jaafar_Ali,

I ran this by one of our developers who had this to say:

" tI looks like both URLs work. The last number is a file ID. I believe the syntax is /article/download/<article-id>/<galley-id>/<file-id> .In cases where a galley has dependent files (eg - HTML/XML galleys), the additional file ID will be necessary to retrieve dependent files (like images/CSS).But for a PDF galley, this is not necessary because the correct file ID is retrieved automatically from the galley."

Hope this helps?

PKP Team