Dont see theme list

I do not see the theme list. I drop the files to theme folder but only see the default theme

Current version: (April 19, 2023 - 09:13 AM)

I droped the Classic theme 1.1.1 to this version

Hi @Piotr_Kiljanski,

Are the themes installed in Website → Plugins → Installed plugins (check to ensure that they have the enabled checkbox checked off).

PKP team

@rcgillis What would be the expected behavior regarding this and the versions table in the database?

Should it be updated automatically if we simply unpack the plugin at the correct folder and then click the checkbox to enable it?
Or would the database need to be updated/new entries created manually?

Is this table only used in order to calculate whether or not the version is up to date for the plugin gallery, or does it also have other uses?