"Donations" plugin?

Hey there,

I know that there are payment plugins available in OJS3 (although I did not yet figure out how to get them displayed … even though they are activated in the plugins section, they are invisible on the web surface).
However, i wonder whether there is already something like a “support” or “donations” plugin available?

thank you, J

Hi @Jesaiah

OJS 3.0 doesn’t yet support subscriptions or payments – that’s currently scheduled for the OJS 3.1 release in October (this month).

But for donations you could use a custom sidebar block or custom page pretty easily to link to a payment service of some sort.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

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I see. Thank you!

greetings, cw

Hello all,

time to open up this barrel again.
We would like to keep our jrfm.eu free for authors and audience likewise.
Yet, we would like to integrate an option for those who estimate our work to donate on the main page.
I noticed that we have now in the settings - distribution tab payment options; yet they are for subscriptions or authoring fees.
What would you recommend for integrating such a “Donations Welcome” possibility in the Journal start page?

Thank you for every hint!

Hi @Jesaiah,

As Israel had mentioned in his earlier post, you can use a combination of side block and payment service.

Paypal for example will generate an HTML code for a donation button which you could add in your custom sidebar.

For an example of how this will look, please see African Journals Online.

Kind Regards,

Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

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Thank you! I thought there may have been some changes since 2017. Have a great weekend!