Donations link?


I am trying to display a donation link for one of our journals. We use OJS 3.2.
Under Payment Types > General Fees there is a note “The Association Membership will appear in About the Journal under Policies, and the donations link will appear above the search function in the right-hand frame”, but I do not know how to enable the donation link.
I enabled the PayPal plugin. I added all the info in the Distribution > Payments. I added an amount under Payment > Payment > General fees.
What did I miss?

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Hi @gabriela,

The language on the payment settings form referring to donations was a leftover from OJS 2.x; I’ve removed it:

The donation functionality was also removed; you should be able to add a donation link, depending on your payment method, using a tool like this: Donate Button

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you Alec.

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