DOIs are disappeared


I upgraded from OJS version 2.3.6 to 2.4.8. I have a problem with DOIs. They are disappeared.

I have set up the full information at the following two links:

Home > User > Journal Manager > Import/Export Data > CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin > Settings

Home > User > Journal Manager > System Plugins > DOI Plugin Settings

It still doesn’t work.

One more question, I changed the review form. How do I change the default review form when I select new reviewer?

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Hi @Trung_Tran_Ngoc

Regarding the DOIs migration/upgrade: it seems like something went wrong with the upgrade. They should have been migrated with this code line: ojs/upgrade.xml at ojs-2_4_8-3 · pkp/ojs · GitHub.
In 2.3.6 the DOIs were saved in a column in the DB table articles. Since 2.4.0 they are saved in article_settings table. Thus, you should see entries with setting_name = “pub-id::doi” in your DB table article_settings. Is this not the case?

When you create a review form and activate it, you should be able to chose that form for a review assignment, using the link “Select Review Form”.


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