DOI update after upgrade to OJS / how?

Hi there,
We just updated to the lastest OJS version and I am trying to match the currently assigned internal article URLs with the previously assigned DOIs. The journal site is

I am not sure how to do this within the OJS Admin interface. An example would be as per below.
The old OJS (internally) generated article URL was
The corresponding allocated DOI is 10.18193/sah.v1i1.18. This is also registered with CrossRef.

After the upgrade to OJS the newly generated (internal) OJS article URL is
The system allocated DOI is

This does obviously not resovle as the actual (registered) DOI URL is

How do I go about updating the DOI within OJS from to at

Or in other words, how do update the displayed DOI from currently to

It’s probably straightfoward, but I’m confused.

I would be grateful for your advice.

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Did this upgrade involve migrating the journal from one OJS installation to another? Typically an upgrade (in the sense of ojs/UPGRADE at ojs-stable-2_4_7 · pkp/ojs · GitHub) should not change the article ids.

If the article ids have intentionally changed (such as using the fullJournalTransfer plugin to move from one install to another), then you will want to configure the DOI Pub Id plugin to use last option under “DOI Suffix”: “Enter an individual DOI suffix for each published item. You’ll find an additional DOI input field on each item’s meta-data page”
User Home → Journal Manger → System Plugins → Public Identifier Plugins → DOI → Settings.

many thanks for your swift reply. the article ids were not intentionally changed. essentially, a clean install took place through a system administrator who upgraded on my behalf. i did not consider this variable at the time.

your suggested solution makes sense, thank you for pointing this out. am i correct to state that if i re-set to “Enter an individual DOI suffix for each published item” and henceforth tweak the displayed DOI metadata from to, the article id will remain at I suppose that’s not a big deal though.

Yes, if you manually change the DOIs, the article IDs (and URLs) themselves will remain the same. You will need to update the DOI target with Crossref to the new URL.

Unless there was a really good reason for the “clean” install to change all of your article IDs, it seems it would be preferable to keep the old URLs.

Indeed. Lesson learnt. I will keep this in mind concerning the next update. Many thanks for your help. i really appreciate it.

Hi @ctgraham,

I have version 2.4.6 installed. On an article’s metadata page of an unpublished article I cannot see the DOI input field even if I have selected the custom suffix option in DOI settings. Please see the attached image.

I noticed somebody else in the old forum had the same problem:

Would you please advise have we can determine a custom DOI suffix?

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@salehig, if you are wanting to change the DOI, you will first need to clear the existing DOI.

Thanks @ctgraham. It worked.