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since upgrading to OJS we have the weird problem that the DOI of entires issues of our journal resolves without problems, but the DOIs of the individual articles do not. (2020: Special Issue 7: Narratological Perspectives on Premodern Japanese Literature | Beiträge zur mediävistischen Erzählforschung)
Contact with Datacite did not yield results as everything appears to be installed correctly.

Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon? Any advice?
Thanks in Advance

What status do those articles have in the CrossRef XML Export Plugin?
Are you sure Datacite is appropriate for your journal? It is intended for registering datasets.
For journal articles we usually use Crossref per se.

Hi @BravoNovember,

Some article DOIs are working, e.g. ›si forhte, daz ein ander wîp in schiede von ir minne‹. Trianguläres Begehren und Eifersucht in der Ovidrezeption Konrads von Würzburg | Beiträge zur mediävistischen Erzählforschung

Maybe you just have not deposit the latest articles/issues properly?

Regards, Primož

Their status is not delivered.
the reason we’re using datacite is that the German resolving service uses datacite. And up to the upgrade that worked well.

We’re not actively depositing our articles, never have. It happens automatically. Or used to.


as an afterthought: our “provider” does of course work with CrossRef, getting the prefixes from them etc.


Hi Primož,

I once more checked our export settings, and they all look correct to me.

I think, this might really be related to your upgrade. So you might want to check your PHP-log. Something like this (?):

Thanks Ph_We, I’ll look into that.