DOI plug in does not appear in OMP

Hi everyone,
I need to add the DOI plug-in to my OMP website, but it does not appear in the list of the available plug ins. This is what happens (I am logged in as administrator):

Thank you for any help you can give me!

Hi @vadami,

The DOI plugin should be installed automatically per default. As I see on your screenshots (too low resolution to actually read the error) it loosk like you get an error on the installed plugins page. How do you know DOI plugin is not installed? Do you see the installed plugins or not? Can you post the list here (in better resolution)?

Regards, Primož

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Thanks for your reply!
The error message I get on the plugin page is “access denied”, followed by “undefined” and then “loading”…
I do not see the list of installed plugins, but I assumed it is not installed because I cannot assign a DOI to the manuscripts in OMP (while I can do it for journal articles in OJS).


Solved thanks to this procedure:

Thank you!