DOI module template

hello , how can i take only the first page for the doi assignment template ? Or how can I immediately load doi into xml? OJS
example:10.13108/2021(year)-13(volume number)-1(issue number)-3(first page)

Hi @virpac,

I don’t really understand what you’re attempting to do here - can you explain further?

PKP Team

It’s about defining a rule in the DOI plugin settings. As the plugin states for one setting:

Use the pattern entered below to generate DOI suffixes. Use %j for journal initials, %v for the volume number, %i for the issue number, %Y for the year, %a for the OJS article ID, %g for the OJS galley ID, %f for the OJS file ID, %p for the page number and %x for “Custom Identifier”.

Unfortunately, the field pages is set to allow page ranges startpage-endpage for the article. Some journals enter these, others just enter the start page. %p is not flexible enough. For the former case, it should be possible to have %sp and %ep variables that extract the first and end page → feature request.

but %sp dont work

I don’t know what template to use for the first page. If this cannot be done through the module, is it possible to do it immediately in the xml file and immediately load the article from doi

Of course - because it does not exist. That’s why I asked for a feature request.