DOI link resolving problem

We have a problem with DOI Link in our production OJS (v. 2.4.8). When one click on the DOI link assigned to an article, it will resolve and land to our test installation of OJS (v.3.1.2 ) which is in another server. Whichh db table contains the doi id.?

We will appreciate any help.

Hi @obi,

I believe the problem is that you have deposited to CrossRef the DOIs from you test environment. I guess during testing.
To verify this, you should go to the CrossReff admin console and verify data there. Then, to fix this I believe it is enough to just deposit the correct DOIs form the production environment once more. If not, then you can use the CrossReff admin console.

Regards, Primo┼ż

Hi Primozs, Thanks for your answer.