DOI implementation question

Hello all,

We have just received our DOI prefix, for our institution. I am responsible, as the Editorial Coordinator, for 2 journals (Ciência da Informação and Inclusão Social) while our Research and Education Coordination has created other 3 journals (LIINC em Revista, Logeion and P2P), from research groups. All of them want to assign DOI numbers to their articles.

Since the other 3 are not my technical responsibility, I wouldn’t like to have them all in a single installation within the one I’m working on for the 2 journals I’m responsible, although the other 3 journals could/should be within a single install (as they may share users).

How does the DOI attribution really work? Won’t there be a confusion in numbers, even though they’ll have the same prefix?

Sorry for the dumb question, but, I haven’t had time to sort this out and need an answer quickly, as the other journals are pressing to assign the DOI’s to their articles…

@AhemNason Do you know the answer?

Hello all,

Off the top of my head, I’d assume there wouldn’t be a problem, as I think there’s a journal ID/prefix somewhere as well, but if it’s somehow related to OJS’ journal ID’s, then that may cause numbering conflicts.

Hey @ramon,

This shouldn’t cause any major issues. If you’re using the default OJS DOI assignment in the DOI plugin, the first part of the DOI suffix ought to refer to the abbreviation for the journal. The default pattern is:


In this case, the %j will pull the abbreviation of the journal in your setup page. So long as each journal has a unique journal abbreviation, you shouldn’t hit any snags using the same prefix.