DOI Depositor Email through Crossref Plugin

Even though we changed the Depositor email* in the CrossRef XML Export Plugin, the same is not getting reflected in the DOI being deposited with Crossref. This was the reason why we didn’t get any confirmation email after successfully depositing DOI with Crossref.
The email ID which shows up in the XML is


Hi @pcansf

Please double check if that new e-mail is in one exported/downloaded Crossref XML file. If so, please ask Crossref how it works: what happens when the depositor e-mail changes in the XML file, and if you should maybe change the contact data somewhere else too, e.g. in the Crossref portal, to get those confirmation emails to that new e-mail address…


Good point. I did check the XML downloaded through the plugin in OJS and the correct email shows up there, which means after depositing that email is getting changed. I will get in touch with Crossref.

Hear back from Crossref. Here is what they said:

That’s a question you’d need to bring to OJS’s Support team or search their community help forums for more information. We don’t create the plugin or configure it for use with OJS.

Hmmm… And what exactly did you ask?

We are using the OJS Crossref plugin to deposit our DOI. Even though the correct email address is mentioned in the plugin settings, we are not getting any email notifications from Crossref.
The email ID which shows up in the XML is

Can this be changed to

Hi @pcansf

Hmmm… I’ve just asked Crossref, if there is something we/OJS can do differently… I will then come back to you…


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Alright. Thanks for your help.

Hi @pcansf

It seems that it is not possible to get e-mail notifications when the depositing is done from within OJS, using the Crossref deposit API. It works like this:

  1. OJS sends the XML file to Crossref
  2. Crossref inserts the email address in the <email_address> tags.
  3. Crossref submits the file to the deposit processing queue
  4. when it finishes processing, the submission log email gets sent to the address Crossref specified
  5. the rest-api deposit tool then checks that email address for completion (checks about every minute)
  6. when then the OJS plugin asks the rest-api deposit tool about the status of the deposit
  7. Crossref returns results that were found in the email to OJS, which is how OJS can update the status of a given deposit

It seems that you would need to search Crossref admin system, if you are interested in viewing those logs: Viewing Past Deposits – Support Center


Thank you for the detailed explanation. I am surprised though that Crossref didn’t know about it when we asked them. We have been reviewing the logs through Crossref admin system for confirmation/error messages. Thank you again.

Dear @bozana,
I used CrossRef plugin, set automatic DOI and submited all articles. The status of articles are Submitted. I check in CrossRef and the DOI`s and the articles are visible. Do we need to mark those articles as Active, from the button or …? Also, I click button Check status and received the same - Submitted. Articles are stored in CrossRef via CrossRef plugin but the status is still Submitted.
What is correct to do?