Doi Crossref submission error

Hi @bozana
I got error when submitting article for crossref doi, I am using 3.0.1. The previous submission was all fine

Here the error

Validation errors:

Failed to locate the main schema resource at ‘’.
Invalid XML:

> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
> <doi_batch xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:jats="" xmlns:ai="" version="4.3.6" xsi:schemaLocation="">
>   <head>
>     <doi_batch_id>_1509585852</doi_batch_id>
>     <timestamp>1509585852</timestamp>
>     <depositor>
>       <depositor_name>Mohamad Abdun Nasir</depositor_name>
>       <email_address></email_address>
>     </depositor>
>     <registrant>Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Mataram</registrant>
>   </head>
>   <body>
>     <journal>
>       <journal_metadata>
>         <full_title>Beta Jurnal Tadris Matematika</full_title>
>         <abbrev_title>betaJTM</abbrev_title>
>         <issn media_type="electronic">2541-0458</issn>
>         <issn media_type="print">2085-5893</issn>
>       </journal_metadata>
>       <journal_issue>
>         <publication_date media_type="online">
>           <month>11</month>
>           <day>01</day>
>           <year>2017</year>
>         </publication_date>
>         <journal_volume>
>           <volume>10</volume>
>         </journal_volume>
>         <issue>2</issue>
>       </journal_issue>
>       <journal_article xmlns:jats="" xmlns:ai="" publication_type="full_text" metadata_distribution_opts="any">
>         <titles>
>           <title> Proses berpikir siswa dalam menyelesaikan masalah geometri</title>
>         </titles>
>         <contributors>
>           <person_name contributor_role="author" sequence="first">
>             <given_name>Miftah</given_name>
>             <surname>Syarifuddin</surname>
>           </person_name>
>         </contributors>
>         <jats:abstract xmlns:jats="">
>           <jats:p>[Bahasa]: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan proses berpikir siswa bertemperamen choleric dan melancholic dalam menyelesaikan masalah geometri. Proses berpikir dalam penelitian ini adalah proses berpikir konseptual atau proses berpikir prosedural. Proses berpikir konseptual meliputi 5 (lima) kompetensi, yaitu menggunakan aturan dasar, melihat pola, menerapkan konsep, mengklarifikasi situasi, dan mengembangkan masalah. Proses berpikir prosedural adalah cara berpikir siswa yang terbiasa menghafal rumus dan menggunakan cara-cara rutin dalam menyelesaikan masalah. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian deskriptif dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Subjek penelitian terdiri dari 2 (dua) siswa perempuan dengan kemampuan matematika tinggi dan setara di kelas IX Salatiga, Indonesia, terdiri dari 1 (satu) siswa bertemperamen choleric dan 1 (satu) siswa bertemperamen melancholic. Pemilihan subjek penelitian berdasarkan hasil tes temperamen dan hasil tes kemampuan matematika. Data penelitian diperoleh dari pemberian tugas penyelesaian masalah geometri dan wawancara kepada para subjek penelitian sebanyak 2 (dua) kali. Pemberian tugas penyelesaian masalah kedua dan wawancara kedua merupakan triangulasi data. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa proses berpikir siswa terungkap melalui tugas penyelesaian masalah geometri yang diberikan. Siswa bertemperamen choleric menggunakan proses berpikir prosedural dalam menyelesaikan masalah geometri, sedangkan siswa bertemperamen melancholic menggunakan proses berpikir konseptual dalam menyelesaikan masalah geometri. &#13;
> Kata kunci: Proses Berpikir; Choleric; Melancholic; Masalah Geometri&#13;
> [English]: This study aims to describe the thinking process of students with choleric and melancholic temperament in solving geometry problems. The thinking process in this research is conceptual thinking process or procedural thinking process. The conceptual thinking process includes 5 (five) competencies, i.e. using basic rules, seing patterns, applying concepts, clarifying situations, and developing problems. The process of procedural thinking is a way of thinking of students who are used to memorizing formulas and using routine ways of solving problems. This research was a descriptive research with qualitative approach. The subjects consisted of 2 (two) female students with high and equivalent mathematics abilities in the ninth grade in Salatiga, Indonesia consisting of 1 (one) choleric student and 1 (one) melancholic student. The selection of research subjects is based on temperament test and mathematical ability test. Research data obtained from geometry problem solving task and interview to the research subjects twice. The second task of problem solving and interview is triangulation of data. The results reveal the thinking process of students through the task of solving the geometry problem given. Student with choleric temperament used procedural thinking processes in solving geometry problems, while student with melancholic temperament used conceptual thinking processes in solving geometry problems. &#13;
> Keywords: Thinking; Choleric; Melancholic; Geometry Problems</jats:p>
>         </jats:abstract>
>         <publication_date media_type="online">
>           <month>11</month>
>           <day>01</day>
>           <year>2017</year>
>         </publication_date>
>         <pages>
>           <first_page>134</first_page>
>           <other_pages>152</other_pages>
>         </pages>
>         <ai:program xmlns:ai="" name="AccessIndicators">
>           <ai:license_ref></ai:license_ref>
>         </ai:program>
>         <doi_data>
>           <doi>10.20414/betajtm.v10i2.120</doi>
>           <resource></resource>
>           <collection property="crawler-based">
>             <item crawler="iParadigms">
>               <resource></resource>
>             </item>
>           </collection>
>           <collection property="text-mining">
>             <item>
>               <resource mime_type="application/pdf"></resource>
>             </item>
>           </collection>
>         </doi_data>
>       </journal_article>
>     </journal>
>   </body>
> </doi_batch>

Could not convert selected objects.

Hi @kawahyu

Hmmm… It seems that the schema is the problem – it cannot be found, right? – I cannot see the XML…
I wonder how could the previous submission then work :open_mouth: When did you export/register the previous submission?
The schema location changed – now it is: – s. Crossref 4.3.6 schema URL changed · Issue #2258 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.
S. also this issue: [OJS] 3.0.0 schemaValidate, proxy settings and allow_url_fopen · Issue #1955 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub – when a proxy is used or allow_url_fopen is disabled.
The OJS version 3.0.1 is a little bit old, it would be good if you could upgrade to the last one. There, you would have the option not to validate when a proxy is used or allow_url_fopen is disabled.


I submitted previous articles on May-June 2017. Well, I will try upgrading to 3.1.
Here is the xml