DOI/ Crossref Status Found

Hi, we have successfully registered our journal articles with CrossRef using OJS I went to update some metadata with Crossref plugin - Export articles - update and I noticed that while all the DOIs are registered and are at the same stage the articles have two different statuses some are ‘found’ and a small number are ‘completed’ - (most were found). I can’t find any information as to what the Status ‘found’ means, are you able to explain what this means? (I was under the impression that they were all completed).

Hi @Tuwpub

The Crossref processing cycle is like this: the XML is first submitted (status Submitted). After that, it will be processed by the Crossref. If the processing failed, the status will be Failed. Else, if everything went well the status will be Deposited in OJS (= completed). After that it takes some time till the DOI is realy active and can be resolved (status Active in OJS i.e. found). In earlier OJS versions Deposited was Completed, and Active was Found, I think. So the completed/deposited means almost finished, just a small step to active/found. Does this makes sense for what you see, for your situation?
I just wonder why do you see those older status names, but…
You can use the button “Check status” to update the status, e.g. for those completed/deposited to turn into active/found.

Thank you, it seems to make sense although we don’t have the ‘check status’ button for some reason. We’re in the process of moving over to OJS 3 so hopefully these details will sort themselves with the upgrade.

Thank you.