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We have a query regarding the deposit of articles automatically in crossref.
We use version 3.1.1 of ojs, manually the deposit works correctly but automatically does not work. Say that not all items in a number carry doi.
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For automatic deposit to work, you will need either:

  • The Acron plugin
  • A system cron task

Which one have you set up?

The system cron task

php tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/importexport/crossref/scheduledTasks.xml

What appears in your scheduled task log for this task? In your files_dir you should find files like scheduledTaskLogs/CrossRefautomaticregistrationtask-<md5hash>-<yyyymmdd>.log

The unic line in log is
[2019-03-25 11:03:02] [Notificación] Se ha iniciado la tarea.

It appears that the task started, but did not complete successfully. Did you receive any email from the cron process detailing a fatal PHP error? This would be sent to the user executing the cron process (which should, presumably, be your web user).

Thanks I solve the problem

Glad to hear. Please share the solution here for the benefit of others.

Hi our problem was with a proxy configured on the host, that not allow de conection with crossref.

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