Does the PKP Preservation Network plugin work with OMP?

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In the “After publishing content” section, the OMP user guides ( say “Register with the PKP Preservation Network to preserve your content” with a link to:

But there, the page says that the plugin “allows publishers of OJS journals to digitally preserve their content.”

I’m interested in preserving my press contents in such a way, so my question is: Does this plugin work with OMP now and, if it does’nt, is this feature already planned for OMP?

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What application are you using?
OMP 3.4

Hi @hahussea5,

Thanks for your post and bringing this to our attention.

Sorry about that. It’s a misleading - the PKP PN does not presently work with OMP, and I’ve made a request to change the documentation so it doesn’t suggest to users to register for it.

There is the possibility that it would become available for OMP content in the future, but at present there are no concrete plans in place to include OMP content.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

Thank you for your answer. At least, it’s clear now.

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