Does Jats Parser plugin support multiple languages OJS web site?

Does anyone know (Maybe @Vitaliy ?) if Jats Parser Plugin can work toghether with multi language OJS installations?

I mean, in a journal configured to use more than 1 language (let’s say Spanish and English), is it possibile with Jats Parser Plugin installed to import and manage more different XML file (one English and one Spanish) for the same article so that the corresponding full-text article is shown when language is switched in the website front-end?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi @razzi,

Yes, all this is supported. If full-text is missing for a specific locale, it displays localized message: Full-text of the article is available for this locale: {locale name}. E.g.: Specific features of memory functioning during traumatic events | Psychosomatic Medicine and General Practice

Thanks @Vitaliy for your quick and usefull feedback.