DOAJ XML fail OJS v.


I’m trying to submit the XML file on DOAJ, but the following message is shown:
“File could not be validated against a known schema; please fix this before attempting to upload again”

When I check the XML file against the XSD on “XML Schema” it appears the message:
“S4s-elt-character: Non-whitespace Characters Are Not Allowed In Schema Elements Other Than ‘xs:appinfo’ And ‘xs:documentation’. Saw ‘XML Schema’.”

How can I fix it?

The XML file exported by OJS system is in the link below:

Hi @williamSu,

It looks like you’re trying to export articles that have not yet been published. Make sure your articles have been published before you try to submit them to DOAJ.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

There were some articles with wrong published dates.
When I had corrected them the XML was properly accepted by DOAJ system.

Thank you very much!

Kind Regards,
William Su