DOAJ not exporting latest issue

I’m trying to use the DOAJ export plugin to download metadata to share with various parties. I figured that this might be the easiest way to grab author data. In any case, I can export using this plugin all past issues without an issue (so far). When I try to do the same with the current issue, I get a nearly blank file. That is, the XML is created and it has spots for but then there is no information following the tag.

I thought that maybe it was an issue with it being a current issue, so I created a new current issue, but the issue still won’t export properly.


Hi @htimsxela

What OJS version are you using?
Do you see any errors in your server error log file?
How exactly the xml for that issue looks like?


I’m not certain what happened, but it seems to be working now. I’ll hold my breath and keep working with it now and hope that I can get it down before something else weird happens. Thanks for the offer of help.