DOAJ metadata update possible?


  • OJS 3.1.2
  • DOAJ Export Plugin, DOAJ API v2 (we changed the version manually)

Registering an article not yet registered with DOAJ worked.

Registering an article already registered with DOAJ did not work:

  • the full text url of the article did not change
  • an article DOI was added (that’s the reason for the attempt to update)
  • error message: "“Deposit was not successful! The DOAJ API returned anmerror: '1 - {“status”: “forbidden”, “error”: " (ref: …”

So it seems updating is not possible. On the other hand the API documentation says a given entry can be overwritten by a new one (CRUD API, articles, post method),( API – DOAJ):


Creating articles

If you try to create an article with a DOI or a full-text URL as another one of the articles associated with your account, then the system will detect this as a duplicate. It will overwrite the old article we have with the new data you’re supplying via the CRUD Article Create endpoint. It works in the same way as submitting article metadata to DOAJ via XML upload or manual entry with your publisher user account.


Hi Carola, what’s the ISSN of your journal?

Hi @Dominic_Mitchell,

the ISSN is 1438-5627,


OK, thanks. Can you send me the JSON that is producing the error, and a screenshot of the error message?

Thank you!

@Dominic_Mitchell, I sent you a PN.