DOAJ issue export


in OJS 3, the DOAJ export plugin does not offer an issue export anymore.

There should at least be a button “de/select” all to make registration of a large number of articles feasible.


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have you tried using the scheduled task? We just register an API key for our journals and use that for automatic DOAJ exports.

Hi @ajnyga,

when journals export to DOAJ for the first time, there maybe be a lot of articles that would be exported all at once (we had over 1800 once …).I wouldn’t want to use the scheduled task in these cases.

For the ongoing publications, the scheduled task works fine.


I think the largest amount of articles I exported to DOAJ with the scheduled task was around 1500.

But with larger DOI registration (which are slow with the scheduled task because of the status check) I usually use this trick:

  1. In Chrome go to View > Developer > Developer tools
  2. Go to the export view and show as many articles as you can (100 I think)
  3. In the developer tools choose the Console tab
  4. in front of the blue > paste $(":checkbox").prop("checked", true); and hit enter
  5. Magic

I think there are a couple of request for “select all” in github, but could not find those right now. Could be that they are mentioned within a larger issue.

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I’ve filled a ticket issue:

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