Do the author submitted article will automatically show after published an issue?

I have used the very old versions of OJS. There, after submitting an article by author either quick submit or workflow of the editorial process, the article is published and the PDF file is shown automatically there.
Also, if the main article/manuscript is selected for publication in the review and/or copyediting stage.
Now, in ojs 3.2.1 it shows the journal editor have to upload the article by creating a Galley.
Isn’t there any options left?

However, in this workflow there are options to publish articles in back issues. How come??
After an issue is published how an article could be published in back issue???


I am not familiar with OJS prior to 3, but in the current version you have to create a galley in production. That being said, you can use existing files to create a galley, which accommodates production at the copy-editing stage.

In a traditional, paper-inspired publication, you collect articles and then release them all in one issue. However, some fully online journals use that flexibility to opt for continuous publications. In this model, you publish an empty issue and gradually add articles as they come in a sort of blog-style structure. These journals will then typically close the issue at a certain time or after a certain number of articles is reached. That issue will be archived and a new one opened for incoming articles. The option to publish in back issues is essential in this model.

I have also found the option to be quite useful in the “traditional” model when the deadline for the issue is coming up, but one of your articles has a problem. Postponing the entire issue can be delicate when it has already been announced or if the content is time-sensitive, so extracting the problematic article and re-adding it later is a much better alternative.