Displaying list of accepted articles (Copyediting/Production)

I think about publicly displaying a list of accepted articles (i.e., articles in editing or production). Just a list of author names and article title, to inform readers and authors about upcoming papers. The list should be generated automatically (new article is added to list when moved to copyediting and removed when article is published). I think, it should not be so difficult to code this.

Any hint welcome on how to retrieve author names and title for article depending on publication stage (and accessible for unregistered visitors)?


Hi @aguen,

Depends how good you are with coding. I had a similar request and what I’ve done is:

  • find appropriate SQL statement that lists all you need
  • create a simple PHP file that executes that statement (and reformat the output)
  • put the PHP file in the OJS directory
  • create a link to that PHP file somewhere, so visitors can find it

Regards, Primož

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Hi Primož,

thank you for you reply. Should be feasible.

Best wishes,