Display content is italic

Hi there,
Can anyone there please guide me on how to unitalicize (to make non-italic) the content displayed in italic in one of the journals on the same site (see the two screenshots).
It was okay previously. I don’t know how it shows italic suddenly. I am using OJS


Any clue to make it correct would be appreciated.

I think you have solved the problem.

Yes, It’s solved by itself. Thanks a lot for your kind attention.

Do you mind to explain how did you fix it for future users?

A non closed tag in a field? Corrupted server cache ?

Thanks in advance,

Dear Marc,
I didn’t do anything. It happened by itself.

Hi @Samiullah_Sarwar,

Sorry for the long silence.
I found a similar issue in a journal.

It happened because they run a self developed theme that shows a trimmed version of the issue abstract in the home. The abstract was html and when printed, was not filtered… so when this abstract starts with italics, the trimmed version never closes the italic tag… and the rest of the html was interpreted as italic too.

May be you had a similar issue with a sidebar block, plugin or own developed theme?
If not, it could be a potential solution.

Please do a hard refresh.