Discussion window no longer loading in OJS

We recently noticed that our discussion windows are no longer loading for all journals in our OJS multi-journal installation. We have not changed anything on the server nor on the OJS installation itself. I can open a new discussion and (as Journal Manager) I can click ‘edit’ on an existing discussion, which opens the full window. However, when I just click on a discussion title directly to read it, the top frame with the discussion title opens but the window underneath does not appear. This occurred some-when in the last two weeks and we just noticed today. Has anyone an idea what might have happened? What can I do to investigate this further?

Hi @heike_riegler,

The place to start would be looking in the server logs for PHP error messages when you attempt to view a discussion. You can also open a browser web console and look for errors, client-side. A request that is returning an HTTP status code of 500 would be indicative of a server side error.