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In my journal, I set up 2 forms, one for regular submissions, another for viewpoints. Ideally, I would like to only allow the correct form though I can see the case for allowing free-form reviews as an exception. But the way the system is set up, free-form reviews are the first item in the menu so if editors forget to change this, this is what is presented to the reviewer. In summary:

  • OJS
  • I want to disable free form review or at least not have it as default – ideally also set the correct form type for different submission types
  • Editors frequently accidentally choose free form instead of the correct review form
  • I tried to move the correct form to the top by reordering but free form is not available to reorder

Is there any fix in the system that I am missing, or should this go as a feature request?

Hi @SACJ_Editor,

This might depend on your section settings. Typically you would have one review form associated with a particular section. You may just want to review your settings for your review forms and for your sections in order to ensure that each section has a relevant form selected: Workflow Settings
Journal Settings

If you have just one form per section, this should limit the form that the reviewers choose (I would think - unless you’re seeing something differently?)

PKP Team

Thanks. Settings>Journal>Sections takes me to the right place.

Possibly when I redid the review forms at some point, the settings got garbled.

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