Different DOI Suffix for bakc issues

I am using the Quick Submit Plugin for my back issues on OJS 3.1.0. I aonly now realised that some of my older articles have different DOI prefixes as we were published by a different publisher. They were migrated to our current prefix and membership.

How can I change the prefix for these specific articles or does anyone have a different solution.

Do you have different DOI prefix for those articles? Suffix can/should be different for each article.

Yes I meant Prefix. Sorry about that.

Maybe someone from the team of developers will have some solution. So far, you can create separate journal with title for example, my Journal-Arcchive 2001-2007 and in journal desciption you can explain that this is teh same journal with different DOI.
Maybe @asmecher or @bozana have some better suggestion/solution.

I have not done this in 3.x, but I think the process will be the same as in 2.4.x: Change the DOI settings to reflect the old prefix, and to manually input the DOI instead of Auto-assign, then go to the metadata of each old article and copy-paste the correct DOI into the field. Then go back to the DOI settings and update to the new prefix and auto-assignment again.