Detailed instructions on setting up ORCID iD plugin

I have a hosted 3.1.1 site, recently updated from 2.4.8. I am trying to set up the ORCID iD lookup plugin, but there don’t seem to be complete instructions here on the OJS site. I can’t understand from the ORCID site what OJS already has in place, and what I need to do as the individual journal publisher. I know I need the correct settings for the ORCID API, Client ID, and Client Secret, but I don’t know where to register for those. Can anyone help me either to find instructions located at the OJS site or else direct me to a page at the ORCID site that clarifies my role and the steps to follow? Thanks!


Following links are useful:


Another way is to log in to your ORCID account. Look up for Developer Tool button. Fill in the form there and click save icon. Your redirect URI should be your website as well. You Client ID and Secret code will appear. This worked for me at least.

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