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Hello PKP Community,

I’m working on a neuropathology journal running on OJS 3. (I don’t know where in the admin dashboard I can fand the exact version.)

We would like to design our homepage, i.e. put some current information, maybe an iframe and other stuff on it. However, we don’t see an option to really be creative since the only space we can use is the “issue data” space. This seems to be the only way to get content onto the homepage that will appear above the list of papers.

Does anybody know a way (other than the “Additional content” option, which appears below the list of papers) to make the journal homepage more like an actual homepage (and less like a list of papers)?

Thanks in advance for any tips or examples!

Henry Robbert

Hello @henry.robbert,

You may want to see our guide on Designing Your Journal on our Documentation Hub, for some tips on how to customize your journal within the options that OJS provides out of the box.

Public Knowledge Project Staff

Thank you, @rcgillis,

I checked out the guide before, but couldn’t find anything about possibilities to put content on the homepage.

Hello @henry.robbert,

Sorry - I may have misinterpreted your question. Beyond the additional content section that you’ve pointed out, OJS’ homepage is fairly standard, out-of-the-box. Altering the make up of the homepage, would likely require modifying the theme (which does require some coding skills). To get an overview of what is involved in that, please see our theming documentation: PKP Theming Guide

Best regards,