"Designer" role vs. "layout editor" role

Does anyone know what the “designer” role is for in OJS3?
Its default settings are identical to those of the “layout editor” role.


But while a layout editor is required in the production stage of the editorial workflow, I didn’t find any description of the designer role in the documentation:

Maybe the designer role is inherited from the PKP base code and makes more sense in other products (OMP, OPS, OCS)?

Here’s older related discussion (OJS2):


Hi @fgnievinski,

Good points. I haven’t personally used the Designer role (or seen it used), but in discussing with some of our team, this role might be involved in different situations where they may be designing and developing resources, such as images and figures that might then be incorporated into articles (as part of galleys or supplementary files). That said, as you’ve pointed out, we don’t really document this, but I have flagged this with our documentation interest group and we will look into providing an update to our guide in the future.

PKP Team


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