Description below field in OJS

IN Submission metadata there is description below the field
The optional subtitle will appear after a colon (:), following the main title.
How to add similar description below the field Subjects in Additional refinements below on the same page?


Hi @vvucic,

Have a look at the markup for those two areas:


Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello, Thanks,. Where I can write sub-label for that field i.e. “please describe subjects of your submission”

I modified submissionMetadataFormFields.tpl so it looks like:
{if $subjectEnabled}
{fbvFormSection label=“common.subjects” for=“subjects”}
{fbvElement label=“common.subjects.tip” type=“text” id=“subjects” multilingual=true current=$subjects disabled=$readOnly}

In addition, I added translate key in common.xml in /pkp/lib/locale/common.xml
Please write subjects your article deals with.
And message appeared below the field.
I hope that is sufficient.