Deletion of bracketed language descriptions

We’re using V3.1.1.
How do I get the (Canada) out of Français (Canada) within the language block?
I thought the responsive file is this one \plugins\blocks\languageToggle\locale\fr_CA\locale.xml .
I’ve changed the “full name” attribute there but without getting any effect.
Any ideas?

Hi @trace,

It took awhile for me to figure this out, but I think you need to edit your registry/locales.xml file. The line that says

<locale key="fr_CA" complete="false" name="Français (Canada)" iso639-2b="fre" iso639-3="fra" />

Change to

<locale key="fr_CA" complete="false" name="Français" iso639-2b="fre" iso639-3="fra" />

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

That was it, thanks Amanda!