Deleting submissions made in error/shifting revisions


I have two related issues here, both refer to revisions of previously reviewed manuscripts.
All cases: instead of uploading a revised ‘Author version’ in the ‘Editor Decision’ area, the authors have uploaded as new submissions.
Case 1: The uploaded manuscript was not blinded, so then she re-submitted a blinded version as another new submission (so there are now effectively 3 versions of the same paper, all ‘new’). I can’t seem to figure out how to delete the unwanted file.
The other cases: Is there a way of shifting the ‘new’ submissions to where they should be? I guess I could save the revised manuscripts and load them as ‘author vesrion’ under ‘Editor decision’ but that still leaves the messy problem of having the ‘new’ entry under ‘Unassigned’.

Or do i just click the revised (‘new submission’) through the system (which I have done previously)?

Hi @lbenade,

I’ve heard of that happening occasionally, but not frequently; you might consider tweaking the instructions in the email templates so that authors are guided to upload revised versions rather than resubmitting from scratch. For the erroneously-sent new submissions, I would suggest rejecting and archiving them, with instructions to the author directing them back to their previous submissions.

Emails to the authors should already contain URLs that the authors can use to get back into their existing submissions, which should be a fairly reliable way to get them back into the right area. Make sure you haven’t inadvertently removed those from the email templates.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team